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Pre-certification Program in Psychometry

The University of Florida (UF) Pre-certification Program in Psychometry is the first training program of its kind to provide a thorough grounding in the knowledge and skills needed to assist professionals in a variety of psychological testing situations. The UF program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to successfully pass the Board of Certified Psychometrists’ certification exam.

What is psychometry?

Psychometrists administer psychological tests and other standardized behavioral instruments under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. Several major professional psychology organizations have formally recognized the value of psychometry and have published standards for the participation of psychometrists in psychological assessment.

Why pursue training and certification in psychometry?

UF Pre-certification in Psychometry provides educational and practical experiences to help prepare individuals to sit for the national psychometry certification exam, offered by the Board of Certified Psychometrists.


About the Course